The Simple Process

Let us handle it for you


  1. You send their info
    We know you're busy. This is all we need from you. You can move onto the next task on that never ending list of yours! We'll take it from here!
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  3. We Reach Out
    Your client can expect to hear from us within an hour, but more often than not we're on the line with them before they even leave your office!
  4. 03

  5. We File the Claim
    This is usually done by doing a quick 3 way call with the insured and the insurance company to get the dispatch!
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  7. We Schedule & Complete Service
    We do whatever we can to accommodate your client's busy schedule - whether that be pick up and delivery, complimentary mobile service or even evening or weekend appointments.

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General Questions

Hi there! Have some questions about our company? Find the answers below.

Do I need to file the claim with my client?

No need to file the claim, we'll take care of it! We know you have other things to do.

It's a simple process for us to take care of with the client. We walk them through the entire process before we bring the claim team on the line with us, and we stay on with them the entire way!

How quickly can my client expect a call?

We do our best to reach out to them as soon as we receive the information. Oftentimes, they'll still be on the line with you or in your office -- but worst case scenario, they'll hear from us within an hour at the very most!

Where are you located?

We have locations in St. Cloud, Little Falls & Brainerd and we offer mobile service all over central Minnesota at no charge to the policyholder or the insurance company.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

This is one of the few categories where we can say we're just like everyone else - we offer the industry standard lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Do you offer mobile service?

You bet! And at no additional charge to the insurance company or the policyholder.

For those times of inclement weather and the client doesn't have a garage available, we offer complimentary pick up and delivery to keep the process as quick and painless to both you and your client as possible!