Calibration (ADAS)

Stay Safer on the Road

Rely on us for ADAS calibration services during your windshield replacement in Little Falls, Baxter or St Joseph, MN

More goes into your windshield replacement than swapping out damaged glass. An ADAS windshield calibration is an important step in keeping you safe when driving. The 5 Star Auto Glass locations in Little Falls, Baxter and St Joseph, MN make ADAS calibration services a top priority when we provide auto glass services. Proper calibration will help improve your driving performance by aligning the sensors that provide vital information on road conditions.

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Don't let malfunctioning equipment lead to an accident

Did you know that just a one-degree change in your camera angle can have a significant impact on your viewing area? When you come to us for a windshield replacement, we'll make sure your ADAS equipment is positioned where it should be. Our ADAS calibration services include removing and re-attaching the cameras, radars and ultrasound components that help you drive and park safely.

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